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What made you decide to invest in wedding videography?

To capture the special moments that will last a life time of our special day which can’t be captured or interpreted in a photograph. To relive the day and watch people’s faces and moments that we may miss.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

Great footage and style, laid back and chill just like us! Also the fact you have no time restrictions and the option of drone footage.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

We are both police officers so life can get pretty hectic at times, some days it’s a passing hello and minimal time together but we make the most of time off together. 
We enjoy the gym, family time and watching our son Flynn grow. 
Family and happiness is important in life and we want to create a safe and enjoyable life together.


The proposal ...Tell me everything...

Ash dropped hints about ring designs to Cam for a while, Cam designed the ring and on a holiday in December with his brother and sister in law we went to Ash’s favourite spot sugar loaf rock. On the morning of the big day Cam and his brother were flaffing around before leaving and little did Ash know they were getting the ring. Cam dropped down to one knee, asked Ash 3 questions which all ended in happy tears! Cams brother captured the moment of video and we enjoyed the next few days as an engaged couple.

The venue? Why Eight Willows Retreat above anywhere else?

We both absolutely love down south, the vibe is relaxed and accomodation on site is handy! 
It’s very similar to Millbrook Winery in Perth however everyone can get a holiday at the same time.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

An enjoyable night to celebrate our future together as husband and wife.



Venue : Eight Willows Retreat

Celebrant : Toby Alexander

Photographer : Shannon Stent Photography

DJ : DJ Aslan

Make Up : Natalie Perkins Makeup Artistry

Hair : Styled by Kaila

Dress : Samantha Wynne

Suits : Institchu

Florist : Yallingup Event Hire 

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