What made you decide to invest in wedding videography?

Look back on the memories and people in our lives, past, present and future.
Plus day goes fast and we want to relive it, along with parts of the day that the bride or groom may miss.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

We saw your work and it looked very hollywood movie style, professional level.
It also flowed and made us feel connected to the people in the footage.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Camping & 4WD'ing, mini golf. After having a baby 6 months ago life has obviously changed, we still love socialising with family & friends. The important things in life are spending time with our pets.
Watching our beautiful baby grow.Being parents and loving partners, being able to give our daughter the best life she can have.

The proposal ...Tell me everything...

I prooposed to Chelsea at the High Vale Orchards on Valentine's Day. She had no idea, I told her she needed to dress to the 9's. She was wondering why we were walking on gravel whilst she was in high heels, especially after she asked if she could wear thongs. I eventually got her to the location I wanted to propose, which was in middle of the two lines of orchard trees on pristine green grass.
I told her that we should get a photo. So conveniently I pulled out my camera tripod and set it up, but little did she know I was actually recording. I went up to her and pretended to pose for a photo, then glided to one knee and popped the question  "Chelsea Jade Clinton-Burns will you marry me?"
She had no idea, and was in shock. She said "Yes".
It was the most magical day of my life, i couldn't wipe the smile off my face all day and night.
We then went to the Boat Shed to enjoy a fine dining 3 course meal on the river side during sunset.

The venue? Why Caversham House above anywhere else?

The groom loves chandeliers. The bride loves fairy lights.
We love outdoor setting for ceremony being outdoorsy people.
The groom also loves the waterfall. It's very elegant, secluded and picturesque.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

Entertaining out of the norm wedding with a few suprises.
We haven't let bride and grooms parents know about some small suprises along with even some of the bridal party, so they can enjoy the day with some suprises.
The guests are basically in the same boat. We are assuming most will expect a norm wedding. But we have a great taste for excitement, entertainment and suprises so people feel like they have never been to a wedding like this before. In short, putting on a show for all to enjoy.



Venue : Caversham House

Celebrant : Lisa Webb

Photographer : Luke Johnson Creative

DJ / Music : Dean Anderson - Groove Night Avenue

Make Up : The Blushing Bride

Hair : Infinity Hair Styling

Dress : Complete Bridal

Suits : Penguins Formalwear