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What made you decide to invest in wedding videography?

Growing up I have watched my parents wedding video multiple times and loved seeing the memory of their wedding and being able to watch their special day. I think investing in a videographer will give us an everlasting memory of our wedding that we can then share with our own kids one day.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

We love how you capture your footage and make the videos very intimate for each couple, down the the type of music you play. 
We can’t wait to see our wedding videos!

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Sam is a dairy farmer and I work in insurance. We love spending our free time together, where it be relaxing at home with our dogs or out on the farm. We spend a lot of time with family and friends as we both value with a lot.

The proposal...

The proposal was a total surprise. 
Sam hid it very well. We had discussed getting engaged and I knew that one day it would happen but did not think it was going to happen on December 23th 2022 in the paddock with the cows! 
I was in a rush to get to my parents house for dinner so was waiting on Sam to get home from work. I was dressed in very casual clothes, where as Sam got dressed quite nicely. I asked him why he wanted to get dressed up but he just said “where having a nice family dinner so feel like it”. We headed off to mums and Sam said he wanted to go look at the cows. Sam and I frequently do this so I didn’t think anything suspicious of it. He told me he just had to get something and then we can go. Little did I know he was hiding a ring down his pants😂 we headed to the paddock where the dairy cows were. As we walked around in the paddock I kept complaining that it was hot and that I wanted to go back to the house for a swim. Sam said “can you look at that cows ear tag for me.” As I started to read the number off the tag out Sam called my name and I turned around and there he was! On his knees with a box in his hands asking me to marry him. The whole moment felt like a blur. I didn’t even notice the beautiful ring he had designed himself for me. I was in complete shock and so embarrassed that I was not dressed for this moment. Little did I know that when we got home the house was filled with engagement balloons and decorations. He had arranged for his family to come without me seeing aswell. We had a beautiful dinner with our families and grandparents to celebrate. The night was imperfectly perfect!

The venue? Why St Patrick's and Mantra Lighthouse above anywhere else?

As we have large families we knew we needed to find a venue that could cater for this. The Mantra Lighthouse has been great from day one. The service and experience they have provided has given us an ease of mind. 
The venue itself has fabulous views of the beach and city which we know will look so beautiful at sunset and night with the city lights. We also wanted to pick a venue where our families can stay and not feel the need to go home. We wanted our families to relax and really have fun without the hassle of driving.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

We want our guests to feel all the feels! We want them to laugh, cry with happiness, be full with good food and most of all party! We want our guests to feel like our wedding day was very intimate with the little details we have done to capture this. We would love if our families mingled together to really become one big family.

Wedding Vendors

Venue : St Patrick's Bunbury

             Mantra Lighthouse

Photographer : Lisa Jackson Photography

DJ : Jesse Italiano

Decorations / Stylist : Creations Unlimited

Florist : Harvey Blossom Florist

Make Up : Abbey Fiore Makeup  Arum Beauty

Hair : Karlique For Hair

Dress : Archela Bridal

Suits : Calibre

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