Why did you want to capture your wedding on video?

A photograph captures a single moment but video captures a moment and everything in between. The idea that one day we can look back and relive the day over and over again and eventually be able to show our future children was inevitably the reason we decided we needed to have a videographer who can capture our day in a way that no one else could.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

After watching a handful of your trailers, we knew your style was exactly the vision we wanted for our day.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

We lead a very busy life but any chance we get to spend quality time together, we keep it simple. We LOVE the beach and love spending time with our fur babies. The one thing we both value the most in life is family. Family is the most important part of both our lives.

The proposal ...Tell me everything...

TA trip down memory lane. Joel took me on our first date all over again (almost 7 years later) Throughout the years, we have not really celebrated occasions like anniversaries and valentines days to great extents. Joel has always been a romantic and our date nights were often spontaneous and I would usually not know where we were going. Prior to our engagement, we had discussed maybe doing something for Valentines day that year but we never made any set plans. The night before, Joel said he had made plans for us and to be ready by a certain time. Being that this was often something Joel did, I thought nothing of it and got myself ready to leave on Valentines night at the time he had asked. As we drove and then parked, I realised we were going to The Witches Cauldron. A few weeks earlier, we had mentioned to each other that we hadn’t been to the witches cauldron since our first date and that we should go back there at some point. Obviously, I was excited but again thought nothing of a proposal because we had spoken about going back there anyway so I thought it was a special surprise. After dinner, we went down to South Perth foreshore and enjoyed Gelato on the waterfront (just as we did on our first date). When we had finished, Joel said “Let’s go and find the park we went to that night” so we walked along the water to find it. We came across a park but it was not the same one. Joel was not having it and was adamant that we find the EXACT same park we had gone to years prior. So we kept going. Eventually we found it and both so excited, ran to the playground to play (yep, still big kids). While we were on the swings, I mentioned that we had just replayed our entire first date. Joel then said “go down the slide, remember you did that on our first date too?” So I did. As I got to the bottom with Joel at the end, he took a knee and simply asked “Will you Marry me?” After about a solid minute and through sobbing tears, I of course said YES!

The venue? Why Aravina above anywhere else?

Belvoir Homestead. It was simply because of the feeling we both felt driving up to the venue. We didn't get that feeling at any other venue. What sealed the deal was meeting the staff (more specifically, the venue coordinator, Tanja) who were not only professional but so kind and willing to execute our vision without hesitation.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

Full bellies and a PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Venue : Belvoir Homestead

Celebrant : Belinda Clinton

Photographer : Emma Macaulay Photography

DJ : Off The Wall Promotions

Wedding Dress : Zanzis Couture

Suits : Penguins Formal Wear

Make Up : Total Brides

Hair : Hair by Teegan