Why did you want to capture your wedding on video?

Because photos only capture so much. Videograghy will capture another essence to the day. I'm all about memories.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

I liked the video you had of another couples wedding where you had drone footage showcasing the wedding venue from above. It felt like you were taking the viewer to the wedding via a helicopter. I loved it.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

We are extremely family orientated. We seek adveture through bike riding, Lance and my son used to race BMX but no longer do that, they are transitioning into mountain biking and motorbiking. I too would love a dirt bike when the time comes. We are lovers of 4x4 driving, campin, kayaking, fishing, anything really. I love hiking, being outdoors but we also love a good movie at home. We are very simple laid back type people, I believe so anyways. 

The proposal ...Tell me everything...

For our 10 year anniversary Lance took me to a hotel in Bunbury to propose. While we were in the the restaurant, he said he had forgot his wallet and went back up to the room, lit tea light candles and spread out roses over the room. He came back down to the restaurant, paid for dinner, took me back to our room and proposed. I was in such shock i told him to "get $%#@" in disbelief. Definietly not my finest moment!

The venue? Why Karri valley Resort above anywhere else?

I really wish it wasn't this place due to the distance factor of where we live, however there was no where else that screamed to me that this is the place. I have a love of karri trees and the outdoor in general.


What experience do you want to give your guests?

For them to witness the love and commitment Lance and I have for each other, our children and our family. To have an amazing weekend together. Everyone is staying down for a few nights


Venue : Karri Vally Resort

Celebrant : Laurissa Knowles

Photographer : Victoria Baker

Live Music : Riverside Ensembles

Make Up : Kyah Joy

Dress : Bridal by Aubrey Rose

Suits : Penguin Formal Wear

Florist : Manjimup Florist