What made you decide to invest in wedding videography?

I have had many friends get married and the ones who didn't get videography said that was their one regret from the day. The day is over so fast that we want all the moments captured to be able to look back on in the future. I feel like you can be so busy on the day that you don't see the guests reactions etc and videography can sometimes capture these moments.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

When I came across your website and page I found the quality of your videos much better than others and you seemed to capture all the moments from start to en. I liked that you didn't have a time limit so being able to capture all moments from getting ready to guests dancing, the bouquet toss etc where most videographers would of then left and missed this kind of things due to their time restrictions. I also LOVED how many great reviews you had and what was included in your package.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Natalie works at the bank part time as a business banking associate (admin duties to business bankers) and I am also a beauty therapist and have my own salon. Reece is a rigging and crane supervisor and works FIFO. To tell you the truth we mainly work work work! We like to go on drives along the coast when we have spare time and chill out at home watching Netflix every now and again. We also love to eat out at restaurants and enjoy the simple things in life. Family would be what's most important in our lives. I would say travelling too but we can't do this right now.

The proposal ...Tell me everything...

Nothing too dramatic, engaged at home. I flew out to see friends in SA, Reece picked me up from the airport when I got back and when I walked in the house the entry way was full of balloons with balloons that said will you marry me stuck on the wall. After 10 years I said yes!

The venue? Why Hay Shed Hill above anywhere else?

To tell you the truth our original wedding was booked in Bali for 10th September 2020. COVID hit in Feb 2020 and 6 months out we had to cancel our wedding. After realising Bali was not going to happen for A LONG time we started looking again. I booked Hay Shed as my friend got married there in Feb 2020 and her wedding was beautiful, the venue was easy to communicate with and they pretty much provide everything I didn't have to book all different vendors they took care of most things. After planning a whole overseas wedding already it was overwhelming to try and plan again and Vanessa at Hay Shed was just so easy and simple to deal with. The venue also has AMAZING food! They have a tapas bar local to us which has the same menu and we visit regularly so it just made sense to book somewhere we were comfortable with and had been to a wedding there that we already loved

What experience do you want to give your guests?

A PARTY! We aren't the most traditional people when it comes to the wedding. We want our guests to have a good time and enjoy themselves, We want to capture moments of us but also them.


Venue : Hay Shed Hill

Celebrant : Carina Burress

Photographer : Simone Harris

DJ : Complete DJ - Gavin Paton

Dress : Grace Loves Lace

Suits : Penguins Formal Wear