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What made you decide to invest in wedding videography?

The one thing we will be able to keep and look at after the whirlwind of the big day! I also am in the video space and highly value it in all circumstances.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

Easygoing, love your style and in collaboration with Simone Harris Photography :)

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Igor works in payroll systems for the Department of Transport and Natasha works in marketing and community relations at a private school. However, we met while working at Target!

We both love video games, going to the movies, playing floorball, pop culture and escape rooms… to name a few! We both really value quality time with each other, good burgers and shakes and family.

The proposal...

Under the gauze of Valentines Day, Natasha was well aware that Igor had Frasers Restaurant booked and thought absolutely nothing of it, as by this stage in their relationship, he had many many many many opportunities to propose she had “honestly stopped thinking about it”. That day, before they left, Igor had told her he was going to “tidy up the cars”…which admittedly should have been the first light bulb moment, as this never happened. Igor never ‘tidied the cars’. This of course, being his excuse to find the perfect hiding place for the ring.

Later that evening, they arrived with more than enough time, which quickly turned into running late, as finding a park became quite the the stress of running late, Igor managed to leave the ring in the car. Only realising once they had sat down to dinner. He proceeded to become progressively anxious, frantically trying to come up with a plan to get the ring. He decided to say he needed to go and check he had locked the car (despite Tash explaining multiple times that the car had an auto lock function)....another hindsight lightbulb moment.

Then suspicions REALLY began to run high when Igor DECLINED to see the dessert menu. Absolutely unheard of with this man. He never said no to dessert. But eventually they wrapped up dinner and head out for a walk in the park. Once leaving the restaurant, there were still plenty of people around, so in an attempt to find a spot all to themselves, Igor feigned interest in a statue up ahead, proceeding to ask Tash to read what the plaque said. In a very unimpressed tone, Tash began to read out the explainer on Queen Victoria, to then turn around and find Igor down on one knee...with the promise of forever and a very shiny piece of jewellery in hand. 

And of course, as we know, the answer was a resounding yes

The venue? Why Perth Town Hall and Joondalup Resort above anywhere else?

We chose Perth Town Hall for a few reasons: the weatherproof nature of an indoor ceremony venue, its historical significance (big tick for Igor) and its resemblance to a church (big tick for Natasha).

We chose Joondalup Resort as Natasha really liked it when she visited for a work Christmas party and thought it was a bit of a hidden gem. It has a beautiful golf course and surroundings for photos, the floor to ceiling windows in the ballroom are just gorgeous, it is conveniently located in the suburbs, has accommodation options and the staff are very helpful. We had our Engagement Party in the Poolside Marquee as a bit of a test run and it was much loved by all.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

Fun and traditional wedding with lots of dancing!

Wedding Vendors

Venue : Perth Town Hall   Joondalup Resort 

Photographer : Simone Harris Photography

Celebrant : Little Celebrant Lex

DJ : Envy Event Group

Florist : Stylish Flowers and Weddings

Make Up / Hair : The Pretty Parlour

Dress : Collezione Bridal Couture

Suits : Penguin Formalwear

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