What made you decide to invest in wedding videography?

Advice from friends and family, the day can go by so quickly that we know it will be very special to have this reminder. Such a great way to capture those little moments that you might not remember as the years slip by.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

I really loved that you just did one simple inclusive package for a fair price.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

We both work in the wine industry. Liam at Leeuwin Estate and myself at Mr Barval fine wines. We are big foodies. Love clicking back with some good BBQ and a nice drop or two. When we had time we loved traveling together and hopefully that will be on the cards again soon but at the moment we love just beach days, hangs with our mates and movie nights in. Once this wedding is done we would love to road trip up to Broome with our dog Indi and spend some RnR up north before coming back to get started on some house renovations.

The proposal ...Tell me everything...

Long Story our start with how we met.....
We met whilst working at setters tavern in 2011. Liam was in Margaret River working on the vineyards to get his second year visa. He was working at settlers just for some extra money and I had just driven down to margs as I had been travelling over east and wasn’t ready to come back to Perth yet. Liam was living in the hostel and I was sleeping in my car as I have a place at the time. We quickly start getting along as great mates and Liam would sneak me into the hostel so I could use the shower.  
A couple of weeks after meeting Liam told me he was going back to Ireland for Christmas, he was going to leave after the staff Christmas party, and I had decided it was time to return to Perth. So the day after the party I drove us back to Perth and took Liam to the airport. I honestly never thought I’d see him again. 
He racked up a rather large phone bill on his parents home phone calling me in Australia. 
A month later he returned and friendship continued from there. 

When me and Liam worked at settlers, one night after staffies, he was walking back to his hostel. 
My ex was in town and I was avoiding having to see him. As Liam was walking home I pulled up next to him in the carpark behind settlers and asked what he was doing, he said “nothing much, just going back to the hostel for a drink”
I asked him if he wanted some company and he said “sure”. 
We then proceeded to get very drunk by drinking Plan B Riesling out of bowls.... as we had no cups. And went to the beach to watch the sunrise.....sitting on a rock with the waves crashing on us, this was the first time Liam kissed me. 

Proceed to 10 years later and we are living in Perth. My best friend Sarah told me she had a dinner to go to in Margaret River put on by one of her suppliers, she doesn’t drive so told me that the only was she could go is if I drove her there I was of course bribed with free accommodation and dinner. 
My brother had just his first little boy, Jax, so I was unsure if it was a good time to go. However last minute I agreed and me and Bucky (Sarah’s Nick name) hit the road. 
I tried asking Bucky a number of questions about the dinner and where we were staying but she just brushed off all my inquirers by changing the subject.... being the flaky girl she is, I thought nothing of it. 
She tells me we need to first go to settlers, we can have a snack and a beer and that’s where she was picking up the key to the chalet we are staying in. 
A few times she asks me if I was to get changed as I was swearing a Harry potter shirt and cargo pants.... my response of course being, why the hell would I get changed to go to settlers....
Once we arrive we go and get a beer and sit down near the back of the venue. She tells me her mate has arrived with the key and she is just going to go out to the carpark to get it off him . After a minute or so waiting she calls me and tells me there is a food truck out side at the back of settlers. Being very hungry and always Keen for a good food truck, I questioned nothing a came out to the carpark. 
Standing there, in the place where I had first picked him up, was Liam. The whole thing was set up by him as a master plan to get me to the place were we had first kicked of our friendship. 

The venue? Why Hay Shed Hill above anywhere else?

Food and wine.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

I'm hoping people will go all out using this little destination wedding as an excuse to let loose. great people, awesome dinner, beautiful setting. Everyone has now been waiting 3 years for this wedding so it's definitely been built up enough!.


Venue : Hay Shed Hill

Celebrant : Wendy Grace Hendry

Photographer : Vincent - The Wedding DJ

Make Up : Hidden Beaute

Hair : Ra'Ra Studio

DJ : Complete DJ - Gavin Paton

Dress : Tuscany Bridal

Suits : Studio Suits