Why did you want to capture your wedding on video?

Fun, vows, emotion, the love of our family and friends and of eachother! Something we can reflect on for years to come to remember the raw emotion and love on the day.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

We loved your videos! The amount of videos included, great reviews and your style.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Shane is a Machinist and works offshore, Shenayde is a social worker in child protection. We have a five acre property in the bush just outside of Mandurah- we have two dogs that we Love and are our ring boys- and we love spending time with them, our chickens, our fish, camping, 4WD, hiking, being active snd having BBQ with friends. Shenayde has been a state lawn bowler for half her life and shane has a new avid appreciation of golf and gardening!

The proposal ...Tell me everything...

We were on a 3 week camping trip around central Australia in our camper trailer when we lived in Darwin. On the way to Uluru Shane made shenayde google earth the shape of Uluru as he was insisting it was the shape of a heart and is the “heart of australia”. Shane wanted to propose on the top of Uluru, Shenayde thought climbing it was culturally inappropriate and wasn’t sure... turned out it was closed for two days because of the wind. We had a dinner booked watching the sunset with a stargazer over Uluru that night, shane wanted to propose at the table but little did he know it was a shared table of 10! After dinner we walked through the field of lights where there is over 10,000 lights in an art installation- shane got down on one knee to propose under one of the small lights and shenayde couldn’t see what he was trying to do and kept telling him
To get back on the path before we get into trouble!!

The venue? Why Linga Longa above anywhere else?

It is the only venue we looked at and we fell in love! We wanted somewhere that was us. Shane loves mountain biking and it is joint to a bike park. The forest cathedral sold us as we love the bush - plus the fact we could have a bonfire, camp, have our dogs and have a whole weekend party!!

What experience do you want to give your guests?

FUN! Glamping, espresso martini’s, lawn games and one big party especially after it’s been a long time coming!!


Venue : Linga Longa Estate

Celebrant : Lauren Evans

DJ: Deep DJ

Photographer : Helen and Sandy Photography

Florist : Bos Tents and Events

Make Up : Jenna- Belle couture MUA

Hair : Abby Hair Artist

Dress : Bridal by Aubrey Rose

Suits : Politix