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What made you decide to invest in wedding videography?

Being able to relive those moments again and as a reminder of our love to each other.

Why did you choose Castle Media?

We loved your style and that you capture the best moment effortlessly and also we noticed that you pay attention to capturing our biggest value which is family.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What's important in life?

Klaudia is a stay at home mum to two beautiful kids, while Tim goes to work. We spend our days making memories with our kids, going on bike rides, playing in the pool or heading down to the beach for a late afternoon dip and some chips. For us the most important thing in life is family and all the time that you can spend together to create everlasting memories.


The proposal ...Tell me everything...

We got engaged on 2nd of July 2019. We planned a trip to Europe to see our home towns, which eventually turned out to be also our babymoon as before we flew out we found out we were expecting our first baby. Tim organised the ring to be custom made in Europe and was lucky enough to have our friend pick it up and deliver it to Tim without me even knowing. Our trip was coming to an end slowly, we were on a boat tour and while we were crossing from one port to another Tim started digging into our backpack, thinking he was looking for something I asked him if he needed my help but he just kept digging until he stopped and looked at m ,he said my name and before he could even say anything else I said yes .

The venue? Why Darlington Estate above anywhere else?


The rustic look reminds us of our trip to Europe were we got engaged, yet the winery and heat reminds us of where we live.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

Relaxed, filled with good times and laughs.



Venue : Our Lady Queen of Martyrs   Darlington Estate

Photographer : Mitch and Tijana

Hair : P’laus Hair Salon

DJ : Lukasz Rynkiewicz

Dress : Brides by Design

Suits : Penguins Formal

Florists : Affair with Flair

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