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Perth Wedding Planning Checklist : How to Plan a Flawless Wedding Day.

Organising a wedding involves a labyrinth of decisions to be made from the early stages right through to your special day. Having a comprehensive wedding planning checklist is the ace up your sleeve, ensuring nothing is left to chance. It allows you to map out each phase in detail and enjoy the process rather than being swamped by stress. Think of your wedding planning journey as a shared adventure with your partner, where every decision is a step closer to the wonderful celebration of your union.

With a structured checklist, each milestone from engagement to the big 'I do' becomes less daunting. It's about breaking down the daunting list into manageable tasks and ticking them off one by one. Regardless of the time frame you're working within, be it months or years, a dynamic checklist can adapt and guide your wedding planning journey seamlessly.

Key Takeaways.

  • A wedding checklist streamlines the planning process, transforming complex decisions into straightforward tasks.

  • The checklist should encompass the entire wedding journey, from engagement to the post-wedding activities.

  • Regularly revisiting your checklist ensures all elements are covered, and last-minute surprises are minimised.

Critical Items for Your Wedding Day Run Sheet.

Ensuring your special day unfolds without a hitch involves mapping out every component meticulously. Your wedding day run sheet should encapsulate the following elements:

  • Floral arrangements: Ensure you've selected a florist to add those aesthetic touches.

  • Event coordination: A wedding planner can streamline the process, keeping you on track.

  • Memory capture: Securing a photographer and videographer is key to immortalising your moments.

  • Setting and sustenance: Finalise your venue and catering well in advance.

  • Attire: The outfits for the day are not just clothes but symbols of your celebration.

By ticking these elements off your wedding checklist, you'll have a structured guide leading you from 18 months prior, right up to your wedding, ensuring every particular is accounted for.

Progressing After Your Engagement.

Establishing a Preliminary Financial Blueprint.

After announcing your engagement to friends and family, it’s crucial to craft a financial blueprint for your special day. Deliberate over the various expenses you'll encounter, including venue hire, catering, decor, professional photography, and attire. Sit down with your partner and any significant others contributing financially, to set a realistic fund for the occasion, pinpointing which aspects are non-negotiable and where you can economise. This clarity will streamline the selection of vendors and venues, ensuring they align with your financial parameters.

Evaluating Potential Ceremony and Reception Locations.

With a clear understanding of your financial limits, the quest for the ideal ceremony and reception locale begins. Whether it's an industrial-chic warehouse, an elegant ballroom, or a grand heritage site, remain open to a range of styles until you find the space that resonates with your vision. During this venue hunt, assembling a guest list becomes vital, as the number of invitees influences the size of the venue required. As you navigate this decision-making process, don't forget to relish the thrill of planning your wedding – it’s a unique adventure worth savouring.

Planning Your Wedding: 18 Months Prior

Choosing the Season for Your Special Day.

When envisioning your special day, consider the season that will set the perfect backdrop. Seasons can significantly influence the venue choice. Imagining a garden setting? Spring might be ideal when nature's palette comes alive. However, if you want flexibility, opt for venues offering both indoor and outdoor arrangements, making your day perfect regardless of the season.

Securing Your Ideal Venue.

After settling on the ideal date, it’s time to commit to your venue and put down a deposit. Celebrate one of the biggest steps in your journey to matrimony. With this decision in place, feel free to dive into a world of inspiration—gather ideas from Pinterest to Instagram, capturing every detail that speaks to you, from floral arrangements to photography styles, for sharing with prospective vendors.

Visualising Your Wedding Style.

Consider the visual theme of your wedding that aligns with your venue choice. Whether you're drawn to the elegance and sophistication suited to a high-end location or a quirky, vibrant atmosphere for an industrial space, your wedding’s aesthetics can be crafted through your choice of decor, tailored invitations, and attire for your bridal party. Keep your options open and collect a variety of ideas, allowing your wedding style to evolve and refine over time.

Remember, your wedding is a reflection of your unique love story, so choose the date and venue that resonate most with you, and begin building the aesthetic that best represents your personalities and dreams for the day.

Committing to Wedding Professionals – One Year before the Celebration

Arrange Key Vendors.

At this stage of preparation, it's pivotal to initiate contact with multiple potential vendors, covering essentials like:

  • Visual Memories (Photographer/Videographer)

  • Floral Arrangements

  • Meal and Beverage Services (Caterer)

Evaluate each based on their pricing, proximity, transparency, and communication. Advancing early is critical as sought-after professionals may already be engaged on your selected date. Identifying backups is equally important. Locking in key providers now segues you into a period of focusing on the intricate components of your celebration.

Pondering a wedding planner.

For those who find the task of organising such a milestone daunting, enlisting the expertise of a seasoned wedding planner might be the move to make. They will become your support throughout this journey, managing discussions with service providers, and offering answers and advice on the day's proceedings. They will steer your decisions and oversee all preparations, so consider allocating a portion of your budget for their invaluable assistance.

Refining Your Attendee Roster.

With major components of your day now secured, it's time to refine your attendee roster. Originally, an estimated count may have sufficed for venue selection, but developing a comprehensive list ensures more precise estimates for aspects like reception decor, dining, and stationery. While the final count need not be finalised until roughly six weeks prior to the occasion, having a clearer picture at this point aids in a more accurate allocation of your overall budget.

Your Wedding Companions' Invitation.

Requesting Your Closest to Join.

As you move ahead with your preparations, consider this the perfect time to invite those significant individuals to support you in your upcoming nuptials. Crafting unique proposal parcels for each potential bridesmaid or groomsman can provide a heartfelt touch. These might include monogrammed robes, custom drinkware, and soothing pamper products to express your gratitude.

Alternatively, should a laid-back approach suit you better, a simple gathering or meal where you ask them the all-important question could be more your style. Embrace the moment and hope for a resounding 'yes' as they agree to become an integral part of your day.

Announcing the Date.

This month is also pivotal for ensuring your wider circle marks their calendars. Dispatching 'save the dates' now permits guests ample time to organise leave and logistics, helping to secure the attendance of those you hold dear.

Taking this step early could provide helpful insights into your attendee numbers, allowing you to adjust your invitations list as necessary to either include more loved ones or plan a more intimate affair.

Selecting the Celebrant.

Progressing towards the big day, selection of your service providers becomes paramount. Having potentially secured some of the principal vendors already, focus now turns to finding the right celebrant.

It is imperative to speak with various celebrants, gauging who can best retell your romance. Your decision here shapes the emotional core of your ceremony, so decide whether you envision laughter or an atmosphere filled with emotive declarations of love.

Securing Music and Entertainment.

Moreover, finalising the musical element of your celebration is crucial. Whether you delight in the idea of a live duo serenading your aisle walk, or visualise a DJ paired with a saxophonist to energise the evening festivities, now's the time to decide.

For those who prefer the charm of a live band or desire a more budget-conscious solution like an expertly crafted playlist through the venue's sound system, this too warrants timely attention. Securing entertainment now alleviates stress in the months to follow, giving you freedom to focus on other preparations.

Selecting Your Wedding's Colour Theme.

At around ten months before your special day, it's time to decide on the colour scheme that will set the stage for your celebration. This is when the visual aspects of your wedding start to take shape, from the floral arrangements to the finer details of table decorations.

  • Begin by creating an inspiration board on platforms like Pinterest. Look for these when getting started:

  • Ceremony Backdrops

  • Reception Table Settings

  • Bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids

Pin your finds to a thematic board as a reference for discussions with your stylist and florist. A vibrant summer wedding could sparkle with hues of magenta, red, yellow, and orange, while a classic look might feature an elegant white palette that complements your venue's charm.

Remember to keep a few colour schemes on hand. Your preferences may evolve, plus you don't have to finalize these elements until the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Shopping for Your Wedding Ensemble.

With ten months on the countdown, it's an ideal opportunity to start your search for the perfect wedding attire.

Bespoke wedding gowns require time for precision tailoring, so early selection is key to finding your dream dress. Enjoy the experience of trying on various styles—this is a chance to discover a silhouette that makes you feel radiant and confident.

Consider these points during your shopping journey:

  • Diversity of Designs: Explore an assortment of cuts and materials.

  • Comparison of Prices: Ensure you're getting a fair deal.

  • Leisurely Fittings: There's no rush to make an immediate purchase.

This period is for exploring options and figuring out what resonates with your personal style. For grooms, the timeline for selecting suits may be less pressing, but starting early can help harmonize the couple's looks. And don't forget to think about accessories—shoes to match the dress and comfortable undergarments that offer support throughout the day's festivities.

As you progress in your preparations, keep exploring and refining your choices for both the colour theme and the wedding outfits. It's these details that will contribute to a day that is distinctively yours.

Selecting Your Bridal Gown.

Finding the Perfect Fit.

At this stage, chances are you've explored an array of bridal shops and have finally selected a stunning gown. It's time to ensure the fit is impeccable. Begin consultations for any necessary tailoring to achieve a perfect silhouette. Consider elevating your ensemble with accessories that resonate with your style, such as a delicate veil or bespoke jewellery.

Choosing Your Wedding Cake.

Decisions on the Dessert.

The months leading up to your special day are perfect for committing to a delightful wedding cake. Envision an evening of cake tasting with your partner, creating memories while discovering your favourite flavours. Whether your preference is for a grand, tiered masterpiece to share with all your guests, or an intimate creation just for the ceremonial cut followed by a selection of alternative treats, this is the time to make that choice. Delve into design inspirations, perhaps a charming vintage motif or a sleek, multi-layered design that captivates the room. Decide on the cake that will act as a centrepiece for your celebration, and secure your baker to craft this essential element of your wedding day.

Your Guide to Setting Up a Gift Wishlist.

Choices for Your Gift Compilation.

As you're ticking off days on the countdown to your matrimonial celebration, consider embarking on the creation of your gift wishlist. Opting for a registry is a splendid way to guide your guests towards presents you'd truly appreciate.

Major retail stores often provide services to set up a registry, which could easily become an assortment of all things desirable for your new life together. Navigate their online platforms to add a range of items to your list. As an alternative, formulating a personalised spreadsheet gives you the control to include gifts from various sources. This list can then be conveniently linked to your wedding website or added to your invitations, offering your guests a seamless gifting experience.

Eight months before your wedding is a prime time to also start reflecting on attire options for your bridal party. Encourage them to try on different styles and to discover what complements them best, ensuring they're comfortable and stylish. If you're prudent with time, exploring online selections could unveil a broader range of choices.

Remember, there's ample time to swap any choices that don't quite match up to your expectations. Starting now puts you ahead of the game, allowing for thoughtful selections without the last-minute rush.

Preparing Your Wedding Stationery.

Designing Your Invitations.

It's time to finalise your wedding stationery, which encompasses not just the invitations but also the day-of stationery such as menu cards, drinks menus, welcoming signs, and seating cards. Consider if you're after an elaborate suite with custom designs or a more straightforward set with just the essentials. Now's the moment to select the wording and styling that reflects your unique vision, potentially drawing from ideas you've admired online.

Curating Your Day's Decor.

This phase also marks the moment when you get to flex your creative muscles planning the decor for your wedding day. If you’re organising the decor yourself, determine what elements you'll incorporate from the ceremony through to the reception. You might opt to:

  • Partner with an external vendor for decor hire, saving you time by selecting, using, and returning items post-celebration.

  • If a DIY wedding appeals to you, consider purchasing items such as candles, linen for your tables, and custom signage.

For each option, consider how the elements like tables and chairs will integrate with your overall aesthetic, ensuring a harmonious and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Floral Considerations at the Half-Year Marker.

Blossom Arrangements and Selection.

Half a year prior to your ceremony, it's crucial to touch base with your flower specialist to refine your floral vision. This discussion should encompass the types of blooms available in your season, palette choices, and design concepts for your arrangements. This key step helps crystalise your expectations and enables you to allocate funds effectively for the floral aspects of your event.

Browsing through various blossoms and arrangement styles can bring an additional spark of excitement as your day approaches.

Wedding Day Transport Plans.

At the same juncture, arranging the day's logistics is essential, specifically transport for you and the bridal party. Should the vehicle's style not be a priority, consider modest options like a van or standard automobile for practical conveyance. However, for those with a penchant for automotives, securing a classic luxury vehicle not only adds a touch of elegance to your journey but can serve as a stylish photogenic element during your photo shoot.

Ensure to provide your respective transport firm with the schedule and preparation locations well in advance to facilitate seamless transitions throughout your day.

Five Months to Your Big Day.

Bridal Style Trial.

At this stage, having already secured your hair and makeup professionals, it's time for the all-important style trial. Use this as an excuse to experience your desired look's durability—perfect for a hen's night, bridal shower, or an intimate dinner. It's the best time to communicate with your stylist about any tweaks or concerns. Speak freely to ensure your vision for the wedding day becomes a reality.

Embarking on Honeymoon Adventures.

Five months away from your wedding is the ideal time to dive into honeymoon planning. Explore and select destinations, plan out adventures, and work out a financial plan for what could be the most memorable journey you'll embark on as a couple. Remember to check your passport's validity well in advance if you're dreaming of an international getaway. After the hustle of wedding arrangements, this trip is a well-earned escapade.

Preparing for the Final Stretch.

Attire for the Groom's Party.

Time to lock in the attire for the groom and his mates. If you're after something upscale, a bespoke suit might be the go. Sort this now to avoid any last-minute rushes. Shop around to find the dashing style that suits you best.

Secure Your Wedding Bands.

Now's a good time to pick out your forever bling. Take your partner and enjoy choosing your wedding bands together. Once you've ticked this off your list, stash them somewhere safe.

Organising Pre-Wedding Celebrations.

Don't forget the pre-wedding fun. Organise a classy bridal shower and lively hens or bucks night. Rally your bridal party and start planning these events for a chance to unwind and dress up before the big day.

Three Months Prior to Your Big Day.

Dispatching Your Nuptial Notices.

With the wedding date rapidly approaching, it's time to dispatch invitations to those you wish to share your special day with. Aim for eight weeks response time, giving your guests ample opportunity to confirm their attendance. For those planning a wedding abroad, consider sending invites out earlier to accommodate travel planning. Diligently monitor incoming RSVPs to ensure you have a definitive list of attendees for your venue.

Sampling the Wedding Fare.

Now's the moment for an enticing preview of your wedding reception's cuisine through a menu tasting. Indulge in the process, usually filled with fine flavours and select beverages, allowing you to experience the quality of catering you can expect. This is your chance to tailor the menu to your tastes and ensure the wedding meal will be everything you envision, whether it's a lavish banquet or an informal mingling event.

Final Outfit Adjustments.

Tailored Attire Fitting.

At this stage, you'll be attending the ultimate fitting for your wedding garments. It's the time for any last tweaks to be made so that your attire is completely fitted to you. The goal is to have everything sitting just right to ensure you look and feel perfect on the day you say "I do.”

Crafting Your Ceremony Soundtrack.

Live Musicians Selection.

For those embracing live tunes, consider securing your musicians now, be it a guitarist, harpist, or perhaps acoustic pair to elevate the atmosphere with their melodies.

Curated Playlist.

Alternatively, a personalised playlist featuring tracks that resonate with your journey together could be your choice. This is the time to pinpoint those pivotal moments where music will underscore the day – from the moment you walk into your ceremony to the rhythm that gets you both on the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.

Keep this guide handy:

  • Ceremony Entrance:

  • Live music or pre-recorded favourite

  • Reception Intro:

  • Coordinated with MC/DJ

  • Speeches & Toasts:

  • Subtle background tunes

  • First Dance:

  • A song with meaning

Make the most of your DJ or live band's expertise if you've arranged for one at your reception, they're often full of great suggestions and can seamlessly arrange the technicalities.

Countdown to Matrimony: 4 Weeks Remaining.

Last Consultation with Your Wedding Organiser.

With just four weeks until your special day, it's time for a final catch-up with your wedding organiser. This crucial meet-up is your chance to run through the entire plan, from the timing of hair and makeup to the minute details on your event timeline. Use this opportunity to confirm all is set and to ask those last unresolved questions you might have about the logistics for the day.

Prepare yourself for the likelihood of settling final invoices with your suppliers and the venue. To keep finances in check, consider maintaining a spreadsheet. This will help ensure you're on top of upcoming expenses and keep any potential financial surprises at bay.

Venue Run-Through.

Conducting a last venue inspection before your wedding is a vital step. Now that guest confirmations are in, you'll want to communicate the final headcount to both the venue and catering team. It's also the perfect moment to lock in your seating arrangement, which will assist the staff in knowing precisely who will be seated where, ensuring a well-coordinated and smooth-running celebration.

Ticking Off the Vendor Checklist.

Finalising Vendor Communications.

As the wedding approaches, it is paramount to ensure all key event partners are fully briefed. This includes solidifying the partnership with your flower supplier, food services, photographic expert, officiant, and other essential personnel. The aim is not just to confirm arrangements but to exchange the most current running plan, establish clear communication channels for the day, and solidify each expectation.

Now is the time to affirm every little specification; following this juncture, amending plans may no longer be feasible. Essentially, this is your moment for a comprehensive review. Have confidence if a wedding manager is part of your team; they will manage these correspondences, allowing you to relax.

Scheduling Beauty Engagements.

Amidst the flurry of event prep, securing slots with your go-to beauty establishments is crucial. From your hair to your toes, reserve time for all your beauty necessities during the week leading up to your wedding. Advance bookings ensure access to your favoured providers and allow for a seamless integration into your hectic schedule leading up to your special day.

Final Touches with Two Weeks to Go.

Coordinating the Day's Affairs.

With the countdown now at merely a fortnight until your nuptials, it's critical to comb through your day's agenda to ensure a seamless flow of events.

Should you have engaged a Wedding Planner, trust they've scrutinised the schedule extensively. Yet do raise any last-minute queries about the day's flow — their experience is invaluable at this juncture.

Notice any discrepancies? Now’s the moment for minor adjustments. Remember, it's crucial to relay any alterations to your vendors promptly, as they'll adhere to this itinerary strictly.

For those embracing a hands-on approach, begin to stow your hand-crafted decorations. Pack these into well-marked boxes, placing them in a secure spot. As days pass, continue to populate these boxes, ticking off a detailed inventory list to ensure no detail is overlooked.

  • Checklist: Maintain a detailed inventory list correlating with packed boxes.

  • Communicate: Relay any schedule changes to all vendors swiftly.

  • Secure Storage: Safeguard your DIY elements in labelled boxes.

Final Preparations for Your Nuptials.

Attire Collection.

This week entails collecting your wedding attire. Securing your chosen dress or suit is a crucial step. Upon retrieval, take care to steam and properly store your outfit to ensure it's pristine for the ceremony. Together with your wedding accessories, keep everything in an accessible, safe location. Now's the time to share in the joy of this significant moment, perhaps with some celebratory champagne in the company of a close friend or relative.

Vow Composition

Dedicate time this week to compose your vows. Reflect deeply on your relationship and convey your cherished memories and feelings onto paper. Though they need not be lengthy, expect to spend a few days perfecting them as inspiration strikes. Let yourself fully experience the emotions as you prepare to voice these words to your partner on your special day.

Wedding Week Checklist.

  • Attire pickup and preparation

  • Accessories and outfit coordination

  • Vow writing and reflection

Preparing for Tomorrow's Celebration.

Ensuring Garments are Ready.

It's essential to have your wedding attire prepared for the impending festivities. Make certain that your dress, suit, or custom attire is hanging, devoid of wrinkles and safeguarded within a garment protector. Store it aloft to dodge any chaos that may arise during preparations, as this will also help keep it wrinkle-free.

Accessorising Your Look.

The smaller details like accessories complement your wedding outfit. Store your elegant shoes, veil, hat, or other head adornments close to your attire for easy access post hair and makeup. These elements are pivotal in enhancing your bridal look and should be in prime condition, set aside the night before.


  • Shoes: Ready and polished.

  • Headwear: Safely stored with the outfit.

Beyond personal items, ensure that any decor or essentials for the venue are boxed, counted multiple times, and securely arranged. Everything should be primed for transport to your chosen location, ensuring a hassle-free setup on the day preceding the wedding.

Your Wedding Day.

Begin this significant day with a nourishing breakfast to set a solid foundation. Allocate ample time for your beauty routine to ensure you radiate with confidence.

Delegate the safeguarding of your rings and essential documents to a trusted relative or friend. With the ceremony approaching, double-check the seating and traditions to reflect your planned vision.

Confirm reception specifics, such as table arrangements and the seating plan. Maintain a kit for unexpected events and take moments throughout to savour this extraordinary day.

Must-Do Checklist

Have a substantial breakfast

Complete beauty preparations

Verify vendor arrangements

Secure rings and documents

Finalise ceremony details

Inspect reception setup

Keep an emergency kit ready

Post-Wedding Actions.

Evaluating Your Suppliers.

After the celebrations, take some time to reflect on the services provided by each supplier involved in your special day. Assign someone, or take it upon yourself, to leave feedback for the venue, caterers, florists, photographers, videographers, and others who contributed. Posting timely reviews on Google or specialised platforms whilst the experience is still vivid in your mind is immensely valuable not only for them but for future couples planning their weddings.

Embarking on Your Honeymoon.

Once you've tied up all loose ends, it's time to relish in the joy of marriage. Escape on your honeymoon, luxuriate in the matrimonial bliss, and go over your beautiful wedding photos. Listen to the anecdotes from guests and relive those precious moments. Remember, there's no rush to end the celebratory period, so indulge in this special time together.

Wedding Planning: Your Questions Answered.

When Should You Kick off Your Wedding Planning?

Ideally, you'd start organising your wedding between a year to a year and a half prior, particularly for securing sought-after suppliers. If you're eyeing a date during the popular October to April period, earlier is better to avoid missing out.

Tasks for the 100-Day Countdown.

With a hundred days to go before your wedding, it's time to mail those invitations out. Here's a quick list to keep you on track:

  • Confirm hair and makeup trials

  • Finalise your colour scheme

  • Plan your day's schedule

  • Collate contact information for all parties involved

Setting Your Wedding Budget.

Begin by getting an idea of typical wedding expenses and start a discussion with your partner and any family contributing financially. Knowing the funds available will guide the limits of your wedding expenditures.

Optimal Timing to Engage Wedding Suppliers.

Engage your wedding suppliers shortly after your engagement, especially post-venue booking. Research and choose those who align with your vision, aiming to book twelve to eighteen months prior to your wedding day.

Wedding Planning Pitfalls to Bypass.

Two key mistakes to avoid:

  • Not establishing a budget from the start, which can lead to regrettable overspending.

  • Delaying vendor bookings after engagement, thus potentially missing out on preferred professionals for your special day.

Remember, effective wedding planning is about organisation and timing. Stick to the timelines and use a checklist to avoid common blunders, and you'll deftly navigate the complexities of planning your special day.

Last Minute Checklist!

As your wedding day approaches, it's crucial to have a quick glance over your checklist to ensure everything is in order for the big day. Completing this will minimise stress and ensure a smooth celebration. Implementing a comprehensive checklist could be your blueprint for a flawless day.

  • 18 Months to Go: Secure your dream venue, set the budget, and begin your guest list.

  • 12 Months to Go: Choose your wedding party, book vendors, and start dress shopping.

  • 6 Months to Go: Send save-the-dates, finalise vendor contracts, and arrange transport.

  • 3 Months to Go: Purchase rings, have a menu tasting, and confirm RSVPs.

  • 1 Month to Go: Obtain your marriage license, have a final dress fitting, and create a seating plan.

  • 1 Week to Go: Pack for your honeymoon, confirm details with vendors, and organise payment envelopes.

  • The Day Before: Rehearse the ceremony, pack an emergency kit, and try to relax.


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